sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010

Ecuador Volunteer Work , Galapagos, Amazon, Andes, Coast

About the program:

Imagine Ecuador offers volunteers field experience in a variety of areas: reforestation, environmental education, community service and development, plant conservation, agriculture, and scientific research.

Why should you volunteer with us?

Volunteers have the possibility to chose from a wide variety of activities and fulfill others that are required, carrying out their work under the supervision of residential staff, researchers, environmental education instructors, and the administrative personnel of each area.

We look for people interested in contributing to the conservation of the environment.

This program will not only let you travel to a new country, visit wonderful places and live with people from different cultures, but it will also develop new skills, gain field experience and participate in activities aimed to preserve the forests and improve the quality of life of families living near or in the forested areas .

Join Imagine Ecuador in its efforts to protect the tropical ecosystems of Ecuador !!

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