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Galapagos Islands Luxury Cruises, Galapagos Legend

Galapagos Leyend Cruise

Galapagos Legend - Cruise Ship

The Galapagos Legend is a high-class vessel. This for the simple reason that the equipment of the Legend corresponds to this of a luxury yacht; the prices, however, are lower and equal to those of a mid-range Galapagos tour, if you book the Legend through us.
This legendary, 100-passenger, deluxe-class vessel offers all the amenities of a large cruise liner without sacrificing the intimacy you would expect on a small sailing craft, and consequently allows you to have it all. All of the cabins and suites (many are interconnected) are outfitted with the following amenities: air-conditioning, wardrobes and private facilities offering showers, hot and cold water, hair dryer, safe deposit boxes, and other amenities. The facilities and other features include an auditorium for conferences and special group meetings, multiple social areas, special menus and activities for children, sauna, jacuzzi, massage, Ecuadorian and international specialties at the dining room, creative vegetarian menus or meals for those who have special diets, a coffee bar, swimming pool with broad sun decks and observation platforms (for whale and dolphin watching, during inter-island cruising.
Among its courteous, professional team of 55 employees are 6 multilingual naturalist guides (each speaking an average of four languages), a concierge, a chef who constantly spoils you with inventive combinations of Ecuadorian and international cuisines, and an M.D. who is always on call. Send us an email or just call and ask for our latest promotions only available here.

Galapagos Legend offers accommodation for 100 passengers

Our philosophy is based on an environment without any formalisms or strict etiquette as in other luxury vessels but maintaining some important aspects like excellence in quality services. Panoramic windows not only allow you to observe your destination but also to be part of it. In its ample social areas you will be able to do countless activities. With only one hundred people on board you will enjoy exclusivity and a personalized attention. Enjoy the landscapes and view on any of the outer decks.

Galapagos Balcony Cabin, Moon Deck Legend Cruise by Klein Tours


  • Located on the Moon Deck
  • Suites with private balcony
  • 8 interconnected suites
  • Average area: 20 m2 / 214 ft2
  • Sliding doors
  • Low twin beds or a queen-sized bed
  • Triple with day sofa
  • Air conditioning
  • Phone service for internal, local, and international calls
  • Music
  • LCD TV with 5 channels
  • Safe-deposit box
  • Refrigerator with champagne Private bathroom
  • Use of spa, but does not include massage services.


  • Located on the Earth Deck
  • 4 suites
  • 2 interconnected cabins
  • Average area: 20 m2 / 214 ft2
  • 2 panoramic windows
  • Low twin beds or a queen-sized bed
  • Air conditioning
  • Phone service for internal, local and international calls
  • Music
  • LCD TV with five channels
  • Safe-deposit box
  • Private bathroom
  • Use of spa, but does not include massage services.
  • Have a view of the sea, Galapagos Balcony Cabin, Legend by Klein Tours


Located on Sea Deck and Earth Deck, 17 cabins with panoramic skylights. Average area of 11m2 / 118ft2.
Private suites with balcony and private view, Legend Cruise, Galapagos Islands, Equator


    Located on Earth Deck, 4 interior cabins. Average area of 11m2 / 118ft2
    Both categories have: low twin beds or a double bed. Air conditioning, phone service for internal, local and international calls, music, LCD TV with 5 channels, safe-deposit box, private bathroom.

First Class (Mid-Range Cruise)
100 passengers
50 luxurious cabins with private baths, A/C, a safe, a mini bar, music, a closed-circuit television, a private bathroom with hot water, wardrobes, an inter-cabin telephone, 110/220 volt sockets, and ocean view
On board:
swimming pool, gym, game room, library, 24hours medical service, conference room, laundry service, international phone, fax, piano lounge, well-stocked bars, massage room, observation decks, sun decks
Captain, M.D., 47 other assorted crew members, and 6 multilingual naturalist guides
17-20 knots
300 ft. (91m)
110 / 220 AC

Galapagos Legend 8 DAYS / 7 NIGHTS
AM: Arrival in San Cristobal Airport
PM: Cerro Brujo, San Cristóbal
AM: Punta Suarez, Española Island
PM: Bahia Gardner, Española Island
AM: Charles Darwin Station & Puerto Ayora, Sta. Cruz Island
PM: Rabida Island
AM: Bachas Beach, Santa Cruz Island
PM: Cerro Dragon
AM: Bartholomew Island
PM: Puerto Egas, Santiago Island
AM: Punta Espinoza, Fernandina Island
PM: Punta Vicente Roca, Isabela Island
AM: Seymour Norte
PM: El Chato (Highlands), lava tunnels and Wild Giant Tortoises Santa Cruz Island
AM: Lobería or Islas Lobos or Tijeretas or El Junco and Interpretation Center, San Cristobal Island
PM: Departure from San Cristobal

Galapagos Legend Rates 2011
NOT INCLUDED: Fuel surcharge US$26 per night per passenger, apply to adults or children. Galapagos National Park fee (US$100.00). Control Transit Card Ingala (US$10.00). Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Round trip airfare from Guayaquil or Quito to the Galapagos Islands, Airport Tax International Departure US$25.00 from Guayaquil and US$41.00 from Quito and per person to be paid in cash at the airpport. Government taxes are not included. Consumption from the frigo-bar
NOTE: The above rates are per person. Single and Triple occupancy rates in Renaissance, De Luxe, Premium, or Classic Suite are available upon clients ’ request. Cruises include: guided visits to the islands, all meals. Children under 12 years of age pay 50% of the rate accompanied by an adult. Children under 7 years of age are not allowed on board. For cruises iin special holidays, all children under 12 years of age pay 75% of the rate accompanied by an adult in the same cabin. One discount applies per cabin.

Cruise "A" for Three Nights
Monday to Thursday
Cruise "B" for Four Nights
Thursday to Monday
Cruise "C" for Seven Nights
Monday to Monday
Cabins, Decks &
Off Peack
Off Peack
Off Peack
Balcony Suites 9 
(Moon Deck)
Legend Suites 4 
(Earth Deck)
Junior Suites 24 
(Earth Deck)
Outside Cabins 17 
(Sea Deck Outside)
Inside Cabins 4 
(Sea Deck Inside)
Charter Rates(Up to 100 Pax)
Charter Rates(Up to 50 Pax Max)

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Activities in Banos Ecuador, Information, Travel Guide

Activities in Baños Ecuador, Information Travel Agencies, Tour Operators

Baños de Agua Santa

Situated in a valley of waterfalls and hotsprings, Baños has become a popular destination for travellers seeking year-round temperate weather, a small town atmosphere, and a base for exploring the great Ecuadorian outdoors. Located four hours by bus from Quito, Baños offers Rafting, Kayaking, Canyoning, Rock Climbing, Paragliding, Mountain Biking, Trekking, Bridge Jumping, Zip Lining, Horse Riding and much more.- It also offers easy access to Riobamba, the starting point of the exhilarating train journey down the Devil's Nose to the coast, and to Puyo, one of the gateways to the Amazon. Baños also serves as a popular site for studying Spanish -- a mellower and cheaper alternative to Quito.

Midweek, Baños is a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity. The big events are the occasional performance of a traditional Andean band, the nightly English language movie at the Hood Cinema, or beers with friends at one of the local bars. However, on the weekends and during holidays, Baños explodes with carnival-like festivities. Children straggle behind their parents with neon balloons and sticky sweets; photographers position themselves on street corners offering instant snapshots; a cartoonish caterpillar train on wheels toots through town; and women in pastel painted stalls sell everything from hand-woven sweaters to imitation barbie dolls. Tables spilling out of cafes onto sidewalks provide the ideal location to watch the lively scene of Baños go by while enjoying a papaya or sugar cane juice. 

Baños is one of the most popular travel destinations in the Ecuadorian Sierra. Apart from food and a small but boisterous nightlife, you have to go outside of the town limits to find incredible outdoor activities. With plenty of hiking, bike paths, nearby spas, and tours this is not hard to do. 

Spend the day biking mostly downhill through spectacular scenery and past several waterfalls, some of which splash onto your path towards Puyo. This can be a half-day trip or an all-day trip depending on how fast you go and how far you take the path. To go all the way to Puyo is 60 km. Most travelers stop 17 km down the road at the beautiful Pailón del Diablo waterfall.

Getting To and Around Baños

Direct and connected flights to Ecuador are available all year round. During low season cheap flights to Ecuador can be booked for heavily discounted prices. From Quito (the capital) and other Ecuadorian cities, bus connections to Baños are available every day. There are lots of online web portal that specialise in tourist services, information and more. For example the portal offers interesting information about Baños and a web directory where you can search for hostels, hotels and attractions prior to your arrival. 

Bus services depart from all over the countryside. The main services run out of Tungurahua, Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Latacunga, Riobamba and, Puyo. The bus station Quitumbe in Quito 
Things to Do

Plan to visit the church museum and local art galleries. Some local artists have won international awards for their Andean artwork.

The name Baños (pronounced by some people Banios or Banos) came from the hot springs found all around the city. The baths, "baños", are located just a few blocks away from the city center. Baños water is sometimes yellow colored by the high mineral content, and the temperature varies by the amount of cold water mixed into the bath. I suggest you go and enjoy at least once the thermal springs in town. Preferably, La Virgen hot springs - this is one of the hot spots for locals and tourists alike . Also there are springs located in Santa Clara that feature a sauna and a gym as well. El Salado hot springs are 5 minutes away if you take a local bus or a taxi. Some other hot springs such as, Santa Ana, and Eduardo's baths are near town. Just ask a friendly local who will assist you with directions once you are in the city.

There is a beautiful waterfall next to La Virgen hot springs - make sure you spend time there, especially for the spectacular photo opportunities.

Another ´must see´ place to visit and is called El Manto de la Novia. You can hire a local tour guide for this kind of trip. Prices are low and the adventure is worth it! A one day tour will ensure you get to see everything.

Spanish schools in Baños are great way to meet new people, make friends and get into the local culture by learning a new lanaguage: Espanol.

Tours in Baños, Outdoor Adventures 
* Biking
* Bridge Jumping
* Canyoning
* Hiking
* Horse Riding
* Paragliding
* Rock Climbing
* Trekking
* Whitewater Kayaking
* Whitewater Rafting
* Zip Lining

Baños Tour Operators, Travel Agencies

Imagine Ecuador -Tour Operator Banos

Local Markets and Shopping 

* Local Markets offer fresh fruits, vegetables and more for very low price. Perfect for the backpacker budget! Make sure to wash your fruits before you eat them.

* Visit the famous local handicraft market. Try your hand at bartering but don´t go overboard! Craft stalls and shops offer handiwork made with wood, wool and silver. The jewellery in particular is very popular. Bigger shops accept credit cards, however, in the streets they accept cash only. Banks and ATM's are all available on the main streets. Banco Pichincha is located on the corner of Thomas Halflants and Ambato Streets, Baños. 

* Be sure to sink your teeth into some Melcocha! You can even see this sweet treat being prepared all across town. The locals prepare it by pulling and beating the taffy against a door frame – a sight to be seen and definitely not something you see every day! Traditionally, this taffy is eaten with a big class of morocho, a milk based beverage with corn and no added sugar. Locals who don´t have such a sweet tooth enjoy this snack with morocho. 

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Climbing Ecuador, Cotopaxi Climbing, Mountain Climbing

Climbing Ecuador, Cotopaxi Mountain Climbing

Climbing ecuador,The Cotopaxi rises majestically above the Andean Cordilleras and is one of the most active volcanoes of Ecuador. The almost perfect cone shape is an identification sign which makes it world famous as a picture book volcano. Reaching the top of this volcano is a must for every mountaineer who wants to reach even higher peaks. It is technically not a difficult mountain, but a good physical condition is a basic requirement for a successful climb. From the peak you can enjoy a beautiful view over the wide Andes landscape and with a clear view you can even see all of the snow-capped mountains of Ecuador. Glancing into the crater with a diameter of 800 m, from which a sulphur steam is still flowing you can imagine how powerful the forces of nature must have been to create a natural beauty of this kind.


The tour departure from Baños or Quito at 8am. We travel for about three and a half hours till the entrance of the National Park. Our private transport will take us to the parking and then we are going to walk one and a half hours away from the refuge (4,800 m). On arrival we will have a small snack until lunch is being prepared.
Additionally, if the weather is good we have the chance to walk in the surrounding areas (glacier) and to practice the technical parts of the climbing. From this altitude we can enjoy the beautiful view around Cotopaxi. After having our meals and arranging the equipment for tomorrow, we should go to bed early as we get up at midnight.
We wake up at midnight in order to leave for the summit at 1 a.m. We need 6-7 hours to reach the top and another 3-4 hours to descend. After arriving back to the refuge we have our meal and rest for a while, with the opportunity to observe the flora and fauna in the surrounding area. We get back to Baños in the afternoon
The number of days depends on acclimatization and looking for the best way for you to reach the summit, so we offer you a 3 days tour as well. The extra day will be the day of acclimatization and we will visit the surrounding area and especially a Lagoon called Limpiopungo. We sleep in tents for the first night (at the altitude of 3800m) On the next morning, we follow the program of 2 days 

Equipment for a minimum temperature of 10 C below zero. Sun block for 25 C. Lip balm. Protection for cameras against low temperatures. Small back packs for climbing to the summit. Minimum one litre of bottled water 

  • Passport (original)
  • Warm clothes
  • Small backpack
  • Extra batteries for the flashlight.
  • Camera / Film (200/400/800 ASA)
  • Plastic boots and crampons
  • Special Pants and Jacket
  • External, internal gloves, mask and hat
  • Caps, ice axes, gaiters and harness
  • Flashlight, Sun-glasses
  • Sleeping bag and extras

Volcano Cotopaxi

ALTITUDE: ( 4,000 m .) at the camping, or at the refuge (optional on 4.800m.)and 5897 m .a.s.l. at the summit
DISTANCE:85 Km from Quito to the Entrance
GROUP SIZE:Minimum 2 people - Maximum 8 people
Transportation from Baños to Baños or Quito to Quito, food, Guide certified by the Association of Mountain Guides of Ecuador (2), every guide carry their communication equipment
Entrance fee (10 US $) camping (6 USD) and Refuge (20 USD).
TIME: Minimum 2 days – Maximum 3 days


Rafting Quito, Rafting Ecuador, Whitewater Rafting

Rafting near Quito: Toachi & Blanco rivers – Class III-IV One day Tour
The Toachi and Blanco rivers are a blast for experienced rafters and have proven to be the beginning of a whitewater addiction for thousands of first-timers. Flowing off the coastal side of the Andes they have some of the longest navigable sections of whitewater in the country.- Combine this with the sights and sounds of the forest environment that we will pass through and you are guaranteed a day to remember.
The day starts when we pick you up at our meeting point. Then we will travel west down through beautiful cloud forest to the shores of the river. The trip will take about 3 hours.

Price:$ 87 per person
Included:International Rafting Federation-certified guides, top-of-the-line rafting equipment, celebratory beers, transportation from Quito to the river and back, a delicious riverside lunch, and unsurpassed safety.
Requirements:No previous rafting experience is necessary. Minimum age is 12 years.
What to bring:
For on the river: swimsuit/shorts, tennis shoes/river sandals, sunglasses (with retention strap), baseball cap, sunscreen and insect repellent.- For off the river: dry change of clothing (shirt, shorts or light long pants and a light jumper), shoes/boots, personal items (i.e. toiletries / medication).


Rafting near Quito: Quijos river Class IV-IV+ one day Tour
The Quijos river offers one of Ecuador's premier whitewater trips with mile after mile of class IV rapids and spectacular rainforest and basalt canyon scenery. Expect to run more whitewater in a day here than you'd do in a week elsewhere. These trips are for experienced rafters or adventurous first-timers that are confident swimmers. No wimps please!
The day starts when we pick you up at 6.30 am at our meeting point. From there we will travel east going up and across the Páramo and down through beautiful cloud forest to the base in the Quijos valley.- The trip will take about two and a half hours. 

At the base you'll enjoy a country style breakfast and be equipped with wetsuits, life jackets and helmets. After a short drive to the put-in zone, you will be given a thorough safety briefing by the trip leader and he will conduct a swim test. Then you'll split into groups for an intensive in-boat paddle practice with your guide. You'll be thankful that there are some easier rapids to warm up on before we hit the big technical rapids of the river's upper canyons. Rafting time approximately 2½ hrs. 

During the trip we'll stop by the side of the river for a snack and then there will be a delicious picnic lunch waiting for us at the take-out including fresh tropical fruits as well as soft drinks, juice and water. And of course we celebrate a fun day on the river with an ice-cold beer. After lunch we head back to Quito. Arrival time is approximately 7.30pm but may be earlier or later depending on the river level and traffic conditions.

Price:$ 97 per person
Included:International Rafting Federation-certified guides, safety kayaker for every two rafts, top-of-the-line rafting equipment, wetsuits, transportation from Quito to the river and back, delicious breakfast and riverside lunch, and unsurpassed safety.
Requirements:No previous rafting experience is necessary; however, participants must be confident in the water and be able to swim. Minimum age is 15 years.


Rafting Banos, Rafting Ecuador, Whitewater Rafting


Ecuador offers excellent, year-round whitewater rafting. In addition to their nearly continuous flows, Ecuadorian rivers, especially those in the east, have warm, tropical waters and excellent accessibility. There are a variety of rivers to choose from, with varying grades of difficulty. Ecuador is an unrivaled whitewater destination that you should not miss.
Why the best Rafting is in the Jungle:
The jungle rivers of the Amazon side of the Andes are generally bigger and have more consistent flows than their west-Andean counterparts. They are also by far the most clean and scenic rivers in all of Ecuador. Besides their exceptional whitewater, the rivers of eastern Ecuador also provide an opportunity to experience the incredible Amazon jungle and the rhythm of life of its native inhabitants.
INCLUDED: Professional, first aid trained and certified guide, professional equipment (life jackets, helmets, paddles, wet suits), lunch
TIME: 9 am to 1:30 pm

We will meet at our agency at 9 am where you will be provided with the necessary equipment for your rafting tour. Once everyone is equipped, we will start our tour taking a private van to San Francisco Town. On the way, you can see different waterfalls (Agoyan, Manto de la Novia, El Pailon del Diablo) which are along the route of the cascades. When we arrive at the river, you will be given a safety talk so that you know what to do on the raft, e.g. paddle commands and other tips to keep the group safe on the river. We will practice the commands on land first before we get on the river. Then it is time for your rafting experience through a beautiful landscape. After a great hour of rafting the class III+/IV rapids we will finish the trip in Topo where our driver will be waiting for us. To round off the trip we will have a well deserved lunch before we return back to Baños.

  • Passport (original or copy)
  • Sandals or tennis shoes
  • Extra clothes
  • Towel
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sun block
  • Waterproof camera (optional)
NOTE: If it is raining, the expert rafting guide will try to put the raft in the water but if the water level is too high and dangerous, he will have to change the section to level III (+). No compensation will be given in that case.