jueves, 19 de agosto de 2010

Galapagos Holidays

A modern Garden of Eden and a living laboratory of evolution, the Galapagos are nothing less than spectacular. The Islands are peaks of enormous underwater volcanoes; having never been connected with the South American continent, Galapagos' flora and fauna developed in complete isolation, a fact that in many ways allowed Charles Darwin to form his theory of evolution. The Galapagos are truly a wonder that should not be missed. Where else can you swim with hammerhead sharks, penguins, sea lions, and hundreds of tropical reef fish, and sleep on a volcanic peak?

Imagine Ecuador offers a wide range of tours in the Galapagos Islands economic Galapagos adventures, yachts, Catamarans, luxury cruises, land tours, last minute Galapagos trips, family vacations, hostels in Galapagos.

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  1. wow! amazing picures!! thank you very much! I want to do the best Galapagos tours with my family! I hope i can go!!